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Our people need to take a stand and stop the haters! I was so sad to hear that Portland Maine is having problems with african immigrants these people do not belong there! All they will do is cause crime. Portland is going to see crime skyrocket! We have to fight back and send them back where they belong! trash belongs in the trashcan! Also there are anti White groups in california one is called Ventura indvisible lets keep an eye on them! I also hear of anti White classes being taught in our schools! in the wonderful libtard california! I thought being racist wrong, jew! you are the hater and you are being exposed for the  trash you are! how dare you try to brainwash our people!Our people will survive!

Culture and heritage matters!

This is very important! when a persons culture and roots are destroyed they no longer know who they are so they can be easily controlled which is scary! Imagine this! Are you White or are you black or are you latino or whatever? A house without a foundation will not stand! jews blacks and muslums have been trying to destroy White people and there roots for years! they are the ones with no roots and that is why we need to take a stand! would you want your children walking around like that! god i am mixed with so many races I do no know who I am? very scary!